Elevation Packaging & Equipment is proud to offer a line of Automatic Bag Placing equipment for a wide variety of Applications including Seed, Feed, Flours, Legumes/Pulses, Mineral Mixes, Salt, Sugar and more. Our Automatic Bag Hangers are built to last with ease of Maintenance and forward thinking engineering.

Fully Automatic Bag Placing / Hanging with Automatic Tag Placer

JBH9500 Automatic Bag Placer. For Bag Placing at up to 16 Bags/Min

The Series I includes a single bag magazine. Additional bags can be added to the magazine while the system is running. This series is designed for paper or laminated poly woven bags only. PE and PP bags will require the P Series Bag Hanger.


  • Oil tight-Dust tight electrical controls, NEMA12.
  • 460 VAC three-phase – Any change in voltage please specify. Approx. 5 Amp electricity draw. 3 SCFM’s of compressed air per cycle is required.
  • Designed for automatically hanging both paper and laminated poly woven bags. Vacuum pump.
  • Motorized to supply a large volume of vacuum.
  • Self-Centering Magazine. Quick and easy adjustments for different bag sizes.
  • Bag in place sensors & protection. Double protection to detect when a bag has not been placed, preventing the scale from discharging. Gripper Arms are equipped with sensors to detect if they have missed or lose bag.
  • Inputs & outputs.