Robotic Palletizers Automatic Palletizing Videos

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Wire Spool Palletizing

Nine Point

Tandem Tool Close Up

Robotic Palletizer with Turntable Option + Custom Pallet Program Configuration

Valve Bag Robotic Palletizing

Robot Palletizer - Feed

Tandem EOAT Palletizing

Tandem Tool and 20 BPM

Robotic Bagged Salt Palletizing

Robotic Inkjet Printing with Robotic Palletizing in Corrugated Tray

Press Tending (Press View)

Dual 420iFs press tending and palletizing

Lift Assists for Palletizing & Material Handling

Robotic Palletizing: 5 axis Kuka KR120 Robot

Robotic Palletizing: 5 axis Kuka KR120 Robot

With this Robotic Palletizing System, we were challenged with placing a Robot to palletize a variety of pallet configurations of very large and bulky 50lb to 110lb bags of beans in a tight space. We wanted to ensure the Robot would continuously palletize which meant at least a Dual Zone Automatic Palletizing Cell was necessary. However, a dual zone Robotic system takes up more space. Therefore, we designed a Heavy Duty Pallet Turntable to create the two zone Robot Cell which would keep a constant production rate. Previously, the customer had been manually palletizing these bags and had an odd number of bags per pallet whereas one bag needed to be placed in the center. This was challenging but as you can see, we came up with a customized Palletizing Program that met the need. Notes: Fanuc Robot 430iw – Large Profile End of Arm Tool – Speed was at around 50% - Safety Light Curtains and Safety Sensors interfaced – HMI with several programs.

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