Activated Roller Belt™ Conveyor

  • Quickly rotates multiple package types using stationary or retractable bump turns
  • Aligns packages quickly and positively for applications like print and apply
  • Singulates and sorts multiple package sizes and types with few controls and drives

Ball Transfer Tables

  • Applied when the rotation of a product is desired
  • When the transferring of a product between parallel lines is desired
  • 360° of rotation
  • Ball sizes and patterns customizable to suit the product

Belt Conveyor

  • Conveys products of various shapes and sizes
  • Ideal for operations such as assembling, sorting, inspecting or transporting
  • Many belt options available for specific applications

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor (BDLR)

  • Transports or accumulates products of various shapes, sizes and weights
  • Live rollers set high in a conveyor frame allowing for overhanging product applications
  • Bed rollers are driven using a belt from the underside of the bed roller

Chain Conveyor

  • Used primarily for “wrong way” pallets or racks
  • Structural tube steel rails are connected together by welded-on structural angle spreaders
  • Chain is typically driven by an underhung center drive

Gravity Roller Conveyor

  • Ideal for horizontal and gradual decline applications
  • Multiple options of frame and roller configurations
  • Designed to meet capacity requirements

Chain Transfers

  • Used to re-direct products 90° onto an adjacent conveyor line
  • Ideal for transporting loaded pallets or products with a sturdy conveying surface
  • Customizable to specific requirements with standard capacities up to 6,000 lbs.

Continuous and Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor

  • Continuous flow of products between two levels
  • Save valuable floor space
  • Raise and lower conveyors with product
  • Automatic loading or unloading provides uninterrupted product flow requiring no operator

Gravity and Power Rollers

  • Available in sizes from 1″ to 12″ outside diameter
  • Multiple bearing, axle assembly and accessory options customizable to many applications
  • Gravity, grooved, sprocketed and taper rollers available
  • Standard and nonstandard between frame widths available

Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor

  • Ideal for horizontal and gradual decline applications
  • Wheel patterns and styles customizable to the application
  • Possibility of multiple wheel patterns and styles
  • Good tracking abilities due to the differential action of the wheels

Modular Table Top Conveyor

  • Conveys various sized bottles, packages, parts and boxes
  • Ideal for applications requiring multiple curves and elevation changes
  • Modular components allow for simple installation and unlimited design configurations

Lift and Rotate

  • Ideal for changing product orientation without having to rotate the entire conveyor
  • Ergonomic assistance for product reorientation
  • Utilizes a smaller footprint compared to a turntable
  • 360° rotation in various increments

Power Belt Curve

  • Capability to handle products of various shapes and sizes with belt widths from 6” to 102”
  • Maintains product orientation throughout the turn
  • Easily integrated into existing conveyor lines and lift tables

Lineshaft Conveyor

  • Energy efficient way to transport light weight, flat bottom products with the capability of minimal back pressure accumulation
  • Modular conveyors and accessories allow for unlimited design configurations
  • Quiet operation, easy maintenance and multiple conveyor components can be driven from a single drive

Roller Flight Conveyor

  • Products are transported on rollers
  • Used mainly for long runs of low pressure accumulation
  • Consists of two strands of heavy duty chain equipped with rollers suspended between the chains

Metal Belt Conveyor

  • Used mainly in ovens or cooling lines
  • Many configurations and styles available
  • Can be manufactured in stainless steel for washdown or bakery applications

Slat Conveyor

  • Ideal for transporting abrasive, oily and/or warm or hot products
  • Special fixtures can be attached directly to the slats to perform various assembly operations
  • Pallets can be easily loaded or unloaded from the sides with a fork truck

Modular Plastic Belt Conveyor

  • Conveys products of various shapes and sizes
  • Positively sprocket driven
  • Multiple belts are available for many industries and applications

Transfer Car

  • Powered or Manual Push Cars provide linear product transportation
  • Inline and perpendicular loading
  • and unloading can be accomplished
  • Standard capacities offered up to 10,000 lbs. and specials available for higher load requirements


  • Provide directional and product orientation change in your conveyor line
  • Manual or Powered Turntables rotate to the desired angle required for your application

24V Flat Motor Driven Roller (FMDR)

  • Ideal for energy efficient, low maintenance and easy installation zero pressure accumulation
  • No gear box allows for a quiet, long lasting, low maintenance conveyor solution
  • Speeds from 30 to 200 FPM

Zero Pressure CDLR

  • An application specific version of CDLR conveyor
  • ZP CDLR is a chain driven roller conveyor divided into individual, pneumatic clutch driven zones controlled by air logic
  • Many control options available

24V Motor Driven Roller (MDR)

  • Ideal for smooth and quiet operation zero pressure accumulation
  • Less vertical frame height required that other competing conveyor technologies
  • Multiple controls options available Speeds from 20 to 200 FPM

Custom Products

Years of experience in numerous applications allow us to provide solutions for almost any need. Our ability to offer both custom as well as standard products provides a level of value that sets Elevation apart from most other material handling component suppliers.

Special lengths, widths, drive locations, roller centers, coatings, and private labeling are just a few of the many valuable features we can provide.

Heavy Duty, Incline Plastic Belt Conveyor with TRT Power Outfeed for Tire and Wheel Assembly

Gravity Roller Tire Silo with Ball Transfer and Pneumatic Tip Up Workstation

Roll Handling Heavy Duty Turntable with Infeed and Discharge CDLR

For more information on products, services or solutions, contact Elevation today.