Stretch Wrappers

Elevation proudly recommends ARPAC STRETCH WRAPPER SYSTEMS!

Whether you are looking for a semi-automatic stretch wrapper turntable or fully automatic stretch wrappers with waterproofing capabilities, we have the solution.

ARPAC Wrappers

Elevation offers bags for all packaging needs. Whether you need attractive bags for retail, large bags for bulk, or a combination of both we have your solution. We offer custom & stock laminated woven poly, blue tinted food grade box liners, plastic, stand- up pouch, kraft paper, bulk, super sacks, cube shaped, box replacement and nylon bags. We have bags that are industrial, food, and medical grade. We also offer rollstock centerfold film. Whatever your application is we have a bagging solution for you.
Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper
Electro-Wrap EWA-C Inline Conveyorized Automatic Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper

Commonly Ordered Options

Automatic Film Tear Device

The Automatic Film Tear Device (AFTD) incorporates an electrically operated knife that tears the film at the end of every cycle, allowing for easier load removal and less operator interaction. The AFTD can be incorporated into most Pro, Sidewinder, and EW models.


Loading Ramps

Ramps allow for the loading and unloading of the turntable by pallet jack. Standard and extended lengths are available, and are designed to accommodate the same weights as the matching equipment.


The ARPAC Advantage

Control Panel Hardware

Unlike many of our competitors, ARPAC uses common non-proprietary controls hardware and an industry standard Allen-Bradley PLC. This eliminates the possibility of parts obsolesces, allows for custom programming as necessary, and simplifies troubleshooting in the field.


All Steel Construction

Some of our competitors use rubber drive belts and sub-standard plastic construction. Our turntables are fully welded and driven by ANSI 50 chain. Multiple caster supports at different radii distribute the load better across the base, and allows for longer lasting components.


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