Bag Sealing Equipment

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Bosch Band Sealers

Band Sealers are able to seal wide range of heat sealable films. Although used primarily for soft films (polyethylenes), also known as unsupported films, they can be used on certain hard films (supported or high density films such as polypropylene) and specialty films. Band sealer speeds are considerably faster than intermittent types of sealing and perform well on various bag styles including gusseted.

Doboy HS-CII – Portable continuous band sealer

Seals most soft films. An exceptional value for a bag sealer that delivers consistent high quality seals for a wide variety of product packaging.

  • Cooling bar for immediate handling
  • Seals most polyethelynes and vinyl 1-6 mil
  • Can be used free hand if required.

CBS B-550 M Mid-Range Continuous Band Sealer

The B-550 band sealer provides industrial performance at an economic price. Built to the same high standards as our larger machines, the B-550 features a robust AC motor drive and heat sealing system that precisely seals a wide range of bag materials and formats at high speeds. A full range of styles and options allow you to configure the B-550 to meet your specific needs.

B-550 M Mid-Range Medical Pouch Sealer

Designed to meet the medical packaging industry validation requirements for sanitary and sterile applications, the B-550M medical sealer regulates and displays temperature, pressure, and speed. The result is a secure, hermetic seal essential for medical pouches and other sanitary packaging. With all Bosch medical heat sealers, support is provided for qualification and validation.

CBS-D High-Quality Continuous Band sealer

The Doboy CBS-D is a high-quality continuous band sealer intended for multiple packaging shift applications or where package sealing requirements are more demanding. The CBS-D has 15″ of heating bar length and provides continuous heat sealing capacity up to 1200″/minute. Other outstanding sealer features include tool less band changing and single point heating and cooling bar adjustment, thermally isolated heat and cool bars, digital temperature controls, and rugged plate and tubing construction. A wide variety of heat sealer options are available from coders to bag top trimmers. The CBS-D continuous heat sealer is available in right to left and left to right configurations and both horizontal and vertical bag presentations.

CBS-D M High Speed Medical Grade Continuous Band Sealer

The CBS-DM is a high quality industrial duty medical heat sealer. Intended for multiple shift medical packaging operations or demanding medical sealing applications, the CBS-DM features comprehensive controls and diagnostics to satisfy stringent FDA standards. All CBS-DM band sealers feature stainless steel guards, enclosures, and elevating stands. Special attention has been given to assure sanitary design and reliable continuous band sealer operation at speeds up to 1,200 inches per minute.

Bosch Woven Poly Bag Sealing

Woven polypropylene bags have been used as an alternative to burlap or paper bags for many years and have been typically closed with sewing machines. Sewn bag tops contain holes which are an avenue for infestation an moisture to enter the bag contents. Bosch recognizes that this has long been an industry problem. Building on over 70 years of industry experience, Bosch now offers three machines designed to seal woven polypropylene bags. Double fold and glue, double fold and tape or conventional heat seal. Each style is unique and exciting. Click on the icons below to discover which method best suites your application.

TFT Produces a Double Fold and tape closure at High Speed

The TFT Sealer trims, folds and tapes to provide a sturdy seal on woven poly bag material. Designed to package bulk products with a high integrity sealing method, the TFT operates up to 150 FPM. Applications include fertilizers, resins, titanium dioxide, garden products, agricultural chemicals and many others. The TFT has been constructed to provide many years of efficient production in even the toughest environments.

S-CH Series Heat Seal Gauges up to 8 mil. Gusseted

The S-CH Series Sealers are designed to seal bags containing bulk products at speeds of up to 100 FPM. Gauges up to 8 mil gusseted can be used. Applications include fertilizers, resigns, titanium dioxide, garden products, agricultural chemicals, pet foods and many others. Additionally, the S-CH is can be used to seal heat sealable woven polypropylene bags. The S-CH has been constructed to provide many years of efficient production in even the toughest environments.

Bosch Glue Sealers

Glue Sealers are intended to seal paper bags. We offer two fold styles: A double loop fold and a triple or square top fold. These two fold styles provide a secure closure and prevent product sifting. The double fold produces a strong sift-proof closure that is popular for a wide variety of consumer products.

Glue Sealers offer high speed closing and are typically incorporated into a fully automatic bag liner. Speeds up to 100 bags per minute are obtainable.

GS-1000S Double Fold Glue Sealer for High-Speed Production

Bosch’s most advanced bag gluer, the GS-1000, is the logical choice when high-speed packaging production is required. With sealing capacity of up to 75 bags per minute, the GS-1000 is ideal for any automatic packaging line. The GS-1000 features a patented sealer folder design that is virtually jam proof. The fully adjustable folders are spring-loaded and manufactured from plate steel for rugged dependability.

Bosch Rotary Sealers


HS-BII Portable Rotary Sealer, Seals Foil, Mil Material, Cellophane, and paper laminates

The HS-BII Rotary Sealer dependably seals supported films such as cellophane, glassine and paper laminates. The timing belt assures positive grip of material for clean, attractive closure. The HS-BII-V provides continuous sealing, quiet operation and is a variable speed unit from 0 to 250 inches per minute.

Bosch Pinch Style Sealers

Pinch Style Sealers close multiwall paper bags with product weights from 20-100 lbs. A pinch style bag features a stepped end to expose the plies of a multiwall bag. Hot melt is pre-applies by the bag manufacturer. The final closure involves reactivation of the hot melt and folding the stepped end over to bond with the face of the bag. PInchs style bags may also feature a separate inner liner that is heat sealed in addition to the pinch closure. This results in a hermetically sealed bag and is commonly used in toxic products that are hydroscopic.

HDPT Inner Liner Sealing to Complete a Standard

The HDPT is a pinch style bag closer designed to seal an inner bag liner and complete a standard pinch closure, providing the most secure bag closure available. The Standard HDPT 40 bag closer will meet most packaging production requirements. When higher product packaging speeds are necessary, the HDPT 56 pinch closer fills those needs. The HDPT Cap Sac system provides a special “bag within a bag” particularly suitable for powdered milk products.

Bosch Bag Top Labeler


JSL Semi-Automatic Bag Top Labeler for Labeling of Product Header Cards

The Doboy JSL Labeler heat seals a paper header label to the top of a premade bag. With labeling speeds up to 30 bags per minute, it’s perfect labeling machine for many packaging applications. Labeler label widths and folds are adjustable to fit a wide range of bag packaging needs. Standard or custom hole punch locations and styles are available.

Pack 101 Flow Wrapper – Speeds up to 150 packages/min.

The Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper is an entry-level wrapper that offers the widest product size range currently available on a flow wrapper in its class. It replaces Bosch’s former entry-level wrapper, the Doboy Stratus, and offers improved flexibility and user friendliness. It is ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses needing a flexible solution that accommodates multiple products.

The all-electronic control of the Pack 101 wrapper’s motors and drives, enables quick and easy setup and changeovers, reduces product and film waste during production, and offers low maintenance costs. It shares production-proven technology applied on Bosch’s higher-end flow wrappers. This flow wrapper furthermore reduces spare parts inventory and lowers the total costs of ownership for customers who wish to scale up with Bosch’s Pack series flow wrappers. Local manufacturing in the USA ensures speedy delivery and a fast service response. to customers in North and Latin America.

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