Food Grade Tote Bag Barrier Liners

Elevation offers Custom Food Grade Tote Bag Barrier liners with Spout Top / Spout Bottom, Duffel Top / Spout Bottom or just as a large Food Grade Tote Bag Barrier.

Our Vacuum Tote Liners help extend shelf life by providing low OTR and/or low MVTR for products such as hemp, spices, poultry and other whole muscle meats, nuts, legumes, and various other food grade items.

Custom & Stock Bags

These are made to accommodate low OTR’s thereby turning your Bulk Bags into Barrier Bulk Bags.

We can provide these large format Tote bags with Foil Barrier Bag Liners or Nylon / EVOH Barrier bags for Vacuum and Gas Flushing your product to ensure optimal shelf life for your products. Depending on your requirement of Oxygen and/or Moisture Transmission Rates, we customize the Food Grade Bulk Barrier Bags to meet your needs.

We also provide New and Used Modified Atmosphere Sealing Equipment with large seal bars that ca be mounted overhead for Bulk Bags or as a stand alone modular Heat Sealing unit with the option to vacuum and/or gas flush.

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